laser drawn question mark 300x216 Questions About Laser Periodontal TherapyAs a periodontal expert, Dr. Kania’s goal is more than just treating your periodontal issues, but doing so in a way that offers the most comprehensive solutions, with minimal discomfort and inconvenience to you. When it comes to treating mild, moderate, or severe periodontal disease, conservative treatment may involve the use of a soft-tissue laser rather than more traditional, and often more invasive, treatment methods. Through laser periodontal therapy, your San Diego periodontist can help restore your oral health with more precision, increased comfort, and a much higher chance of long-term success. (more…)

girl with two toothbrushes 300x200 Make Good Hygiene More EffectiveGood hygiene is one of the earliest skills we learn, besides eating. It’s also one of most-consistently important routines we engage in. Yet, the tenets of continuing good hygiene aren’t always fully understood, and you might not realize that what you do throughout the rest of the day could negate the care you give your teeth and gums at the sink. With a little extra care in your daily routines, however, you can help make your good hygiene practices more effective, with longer-lasting benefits. (more…)

man annoyed by bad breath 300x274 Is Bad Breath Trying to Tell You Something?Bad breath can say a lot, and usually, its message isn’t a good one. To eliminate bad breath and the embarrassment that can go with it, you have to understand what’s causing it and address the problem at its root. For some patients, that might mean simply improving their hygiene practices, while for others, it might require more involved professional treatment.

How Breath Goes Bad


The most common reason for chronic bad breath is poor hygiene. More specifically, the bacteria that accumulate in your mouth when you don’t brush and floss your teeth well enough. Some these germs, particularly the ones that like to gather on your tongue, release sulfur gases that can overwhelm your mouth and breath. (more…)